Dignity through self-sufficiency for the people of Rwanda

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Msaada assists the people of Rwanda, East Africa to restore their dignity and their livelihoods that were destroyed during the horrific genocide in 1994 by establishing self-help income-generating projects.

Msaada’s main activities at present are:

        A dairy project, using high-yielding European Friesian-Holstien cows, that enables widows and orphans of the genocide to become    


        An education project supporting the 2,000-student Scolaire Rwamagana A pre-school, primary and secondary schools to improve the

        fabric of the school and to provide a high-quality technological capacity to allow students compete in the modern world.

Msaada supports profit-making projects in Rwanda, run by the Rwandans themselves, that fund a range of physical and psychological care and legal advice to widows and orphans still suffering from injustice and trauma after the dreadful events of 1994.

Msaada involves the people themselves in solving their own problems and is guided by their capacity, skills, experience and vision.

Msaada enables families to make their own decisions on rebuilding their lives and in their fight for justice and against crushing poverty.

Msaada – helping people to help themselves

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The word “Msaada” is Swahili and means “help”.

It refers to an active type of support.

For example, if you were to meet someone going up a long hill, struggling under a burden and you took some of the load from them to help them get to the top of the hill, then this action would be Msaada.


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Msaada's support for Rwanda

has now passed £2,000,000